10 Top Quotes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Speech while inaugurating ‘Shaurya Smarak’ in Bhopal


For the last many decades, the armed forces are demanding OROP. Previous governments in very sophisticated words have been promising the armed forces fulfilment of their demand for OROP. We fulfilled that demand.

In Kashmir, our soldiers rescued — and provided humanitarian aid to — thousands of people without giving a thought that these are the same people who throw stones at the Indian forces

Jawans sacrifice their lives so that we can sleep peacefully at night.

Our Army does not speak but displays its valour, so does our defence minister.

Sometimes these stones can be fatal. But despite that, our soldiers did not go into who did what to them in the past. They just saved the lives of their fellow countrymen.

The biggest strength and the most powerful weapon of our Army is its determination & will power which is derived from the support of 1.2 billion people

The first image of a soldier may be that of a uniformed person with bloodshot eyes, carrying weapons and looking for enemies, but the same soldier has a very humane face too.

The Indian forces never hesitated in giving their lives for the sake of humanity. In both the World Wars, more than one and a half lakh Indians soldiers died.

The world is forgetting the sacrifices of our jawans; unfortunately, we also forget it some times.

While rescuing Indians in Yemen, Indian army also rescued a few Pakistanis. This is the example of humanity of our Indian Army.

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