13 Years Old Public Speaker Sparsh Shah Spoke his Heart out about Life

Pic: fabempire

How often we come across kids like Sparsh Shah in this society who are so mature at young age? It is important to note that Sparsh Shah is not an ordinary kid and has been suffering from a problem called ‘’Osteogenesis Imperfecta’’.
This issue has not come in his path of glory and he is now spoken by many all over for his unbelievable speeches in public. This bone problem causes fractures often and he has around amazing 125 fractures in his body.

It is superb that this 13 year old Sparsh Shah speeches are highly positive and full of confidence. His many speeches in the public with him sitting on a wheelchair had worked wonders on the lives of people. This Sparsh Shah is regarded highly by many.

On the occasion of TedX Gateway he shared few things in his life that would melt the hearts of many and inspire many. It is now said that he learnt singing when he was young as his piano lessons created issues for him because of his peculiar bone condition. This 13 year old genius threw light on Eminem and said he like his lyrics as they inspired. Sparsh Shah also spoke about how Eminem’s songs were highly kids friendly.

Sparsh Shah revealed that apart from music interests he also has special liking to prehistoric animals like dinosaurs etc and also spoke about how he wanted to become a palaeontologist.

He later came out with the fact that he gets motivation from God and said he had deep understanding regarding life. Sparsh Shah further highlighted that being oneself is something we can do better than being than being someone else. Amazing!!

One of his Video:

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