37 year old actor from Mexico, Gael Garcia Bernal gave Rodrigo style speech at the ‘’Mozart in the jungle’’ party

Pic: Twitter @GaelGarciaB

It was on 30th in the month of November in 1978 Gael Garcia Bernal was born in Mexico. He is a well known actor plus director and a producer who has made great impression on the movie goers with his remarkable acting and film making. Films such as ‘’Bad Education’’, ‘’The Motorcycle Diaries’’ etc have made him more popular and these films took him to another level.

The year 2016 Time magazine has included him in the list of 100 most influential people. It was in the year 2000 this 37 year old actor Gael Garcia Bernal made many sit up with his performance in the film titled ‘’’Amores Perros’’ that was nominated for the prestigious Oscar award.

It was at the Grove in Los Angeles this 37 year old Gael Garcia Bernal took the stage and this event was held to celebrate season 3 of ”Mozart in the jungle”. He spoke about how he felt honored being with many musicians and expressed his happiness regarding this.

It must be mentioned that Gael Garcia Bernal called his cast mates like Lola Kirke and Malcolm McDowell to the stage with few descriptions about them and surprised many audiences there at the function. It is now said that he was at mic to present a clip of his show plus he wanted to share few things regarding his education in the field of music.
The audiences clapped when he spoke about making music as a part of curriculum. He at last spoke about how he was a tropical bird and the temperature was unbearable for him.

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