5 Highlights of Brian Burston’s speech blaming refugees for violent crimes

Representational Pic: sbs.com.au

Imagine the infrastructure that could be built or maintained with the money spent on 18,500 refugees who are to be forced on the nation every year by our establishment parties.

Experience tells us that many of these refugees will be unemployed for extended periods, as will their children, and impact negatively on our society.

At school assemblies the acknowledgement-of-country ritual tells them, again and again, that their land belongs to Aborigines, whose flag is often flown with equal or superior prominence to the national flag.

The acknowledgement of country ceremony, recited in school assemblies across Australia, finds no place of honour for the British and other European explorers and pioneers or the nation they created.

The ABC long ago abandoned any semblance of patriotism, or even balance.

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