American Actor Nolan North gave his acceptance Speech at the Games Awards and surprised many there

Youtube Video Snapshot @ thegameawards

One actor who has made great impact on many audiences all over is none other than Nolan North of USA. This sensational actor was born in Connecticut in USA and studied the subject of journalism at the famous University of North Carolina.

Beginning as a reporter in New Jersey he later went to New York as he wanted to make a mark as an actor. It must be noted that PC or Port Charles is a well known USA based soap opera that has touched many hearts. In this soap opera Nolan North acted in the role of Chris Ramsey and was superb.

Recently this actor Nolan North gave his acceptance speech at the Games Awards and surprised many there. It is superb that he got performance of the year award as he did brilliantly in portraying the role of Nathan Drake in ‘’Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’’.

This wonderful actor thanked his wife and his kids plus Amy Hennig and Neil Druckmann and he surprised many when he also thanked an elephant present in the room in the form of #performance Matters. It is worthy to mention that he also touched on the SAG strike that is going on.

Nolan North thanked the performance of every designer, every programmer plus others like artists etc. He said he wanted to tank a group of people at Naughty Dog. He praised the efforts of the developers and spoke about their hard work and skills. His sensational words touched many hearts there and Nolan North could not control his tears at that moment. Superb Nolan North!!

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