At the American Music Award event ”The Chainsmokers” victory speech was sensational and it brought the roof down

Pic: Facebook Video Screengrab

The word ”The Chainsmokers” refers to two gentlemen named Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart and they are sensational DJ’s who have caught the attention of many all over the world with their exceptional skills. It is awesome that their song titled ‘’#Selfie’’ released in the year 2014 was mind blowing and they have become hugely popular now. It is now said that in the short time span these both have done remarkably well in their profession and have become cynosure of many eyes.

Recently at the American Music Award or AMA event these two were the centre of attraction for many audiences. It must be noted that they gave sensational victory speech at the AMA and were spoken highly by many there. It is now brought out that Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were surprised to find themselves giving the victory speech at the event when they were chosen as the favourite EDM artist.

It is now revealed that Alex Palls words like ‘’yeah holy shit, we did not expect for this at all’’ were received great laughter’s from the crowd.

Alex expressed his thoughts regarding electronic music that captured the hearts of many audiences at the AMA event. It is now said that the event saw the confused Alex and Andrew who are trying to navigate with their new star status.
It must be noted that Alex Pall is of French descent and Andrew Taggart is Scottish descent and they have joined together to become superb DJ.

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