At the WeUnite conference Katrina Kaif speaks on women empowerment and wants women to speak up!!

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Katrina Kaif recently was invited to speak at the WeUnite conference which marks UN Women’s partnership with the IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Since long, she has been working for women empowerment and several such issues.

During her speech, she spoke about various issues faced by women and how women remain silent about it. She mentioned that even educated women remain silent in the face of violence because they are afraid to confront societal norms and have fingers pointed in their direction. She touch based the issue of where society has always failed to recognize marital rape as a crime. She wants women to raise their voice against violence and not remain silent, women should not feel inferior or consider themselves weaker sex.

She also spoke about how the world has largely been led by patriarchal societies and women have, over the years, remained quiet in the face of many atrocities rather than speak out against them. She added that our country India had a woman as the head of state, long before the United kingdom, or United States of America which has not managed to achieve as of yet. However it is sad to hear about the gender inequality in India.

Further on she spoke on the various unreported crimes faced by women on daily basis under pressure. She wants these numbers to reduce and wants women to come forward and report any violence against them.

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