‘Bigotry is bad for Business’ – Highlights of Elizabeth Warren’s Speech to Corporate Executives at the Wall Street Journal‘s CEO Council Meeting in Washington, D.C.

YouTube Video Screengrab

A big part of that are lobbyists and Washington insiders, and the other part of it is to bring someone who is a white supremacist into the White House to be a senior strategist.

I think the clearest point that comes out of this election is that the American people do not want Wall Street to run their government.

They do not want corporate executives to be the ones calling the shots in Washington.

And you can shake your head ‘no’ to that, but I think that is exactly what this election shows.

They believe it’s rigged in favor of the people in this room.

I want to be clear, I think Hillary Clinton ran on very much the same argument; I just think Donald Trump made it aggressively.

I know that the K Street lobbyists are absolutely out there salivating. They’re dancing in the streets. They’re saying this is our big chance. We’re going to get to slash regulations. Man, look for a tax cut for those at the top.

Everyone one of you know: Bigotry is bad for business.

There are a lot of people in this room who led the charge to make workplaces open and accepting places.

If this White House goes in a different direction, that damages every one of us.

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