‘China and Peru are good brothers that trust each other’ – Highlights of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Speech at the Peruvian Congress in Lima, Peru

Pic: YouTube Video Screengrab

Peru and China are ‘neighbors’ connected by the Pacific Ocean. The exchanges between our two peoples started more than 400 years.

The Spanish word ‘paisano’ refers especially to Chinese descendants in Peru and ‘chifa’, a word that originated from the Cantonese dialect for ‘having meals’, has become the term the Peruvians use to refer to Chinese restaurants.

China and Peru are good brothers that trust each other. China and Peru are good partners that pursue common development.

China and Peru are good friends that shoulder responsibilities together.

Today, China has become the second largest trading partner of Latin America and the Caribbean, and Latin America and the Caribbean a major destination for outbound Chinese investment, second only to Asia.

With one fifth of the world’s total area and nearly one third of the world’s population, China and Latin America and the Caribbean are crucial forces for world peace and stability.

In the next three years, China will increase the number of training opportunities of various kinds for Latin America and the Caribbean to 10,000.

Committed to a path of peaceful development, we will never seek hegemony, expansion or sphere of influence, no matter how the international situation may evolve and how much development we can achieve.

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