Chris Waddell – This USA based Paralympic athlete gave motivational speech to the students of Marshall Middle School and is sensational

Pic: SnowsBest

Chris Waddell was born in the year 1968 in USA and is well known paralympic wheelchair track athlete and sit-skier who has caught the attention of many. It must be noted that a skiing accident turned his life upside down and he was paralysed from waist down.His name and fame grew more and in the year 2010 he was inducted into the Paralympic Hall of Fame.

Recently he made his presence felt in Marshall Middle School where he gave motivational touching speech. It must be noted that around 1000 people were present when he gave the speech and he touched their hearts. Chris Waddell told the audience there that his mission in life was to spread a message he believes.

His words ‘’It’s not what happens to you’’ and ‘’It’s what you do with what happens to you’’ were simply sensational and inspiring. This Chris Waddell aged 48 wanted the audience to repeat his philosophy loudly that day.

Chris Waddell also shared his thoughts on his life and skiing accident that made him paralysed when he was student at Middlebury College in Vermont. This Waddell was so determined and he went to school two months after the serious accident. He wanted to do something in his life and did not want the accident to come in his path. Chris Wadell spoke about whether he wanted to be victim or survivor of this accident.

He also spoke about being resilient is very important.It is great to note that he was honored by Dalai Lama who called him as ”Unsung Hero of Compassion”. Awesome Chris Waddell!!

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