Coach Flowers – This football coach of Leland High School gave highly motivational speech during JV Conference championship and it was awesome


It is often said that in any game a person playing the game must be mentally strong. This mental strength makes the player to win half the battle and players with great mental strength are regarded very highly by many all over.
A coach plays crucial role in making a player’s career is known. Coach Flowers is one such who has made great impact on the players with his sensational work.

It is now confirmed that Coach Flowers in terms of intensity and preparation is superb and is non comparable to any. It is now said that he does three main things. Firstly he makes his players ready to say ‘’I am a champion’’. Next this Flowers has got script in his hand and thirdly he plays music from ‘’The Last of the Mohicans’’.

Though the speech might be for JV football game during JV Conference Championship but the efforts put by this Coach Flowers is regarded very highly. It is now said that the speech with words like ‘’ I will conquer what has never been conquered’’ plus others like ‘’ Defeat will not be in my creed’’, ‘’ I will believe where all those before me have doubted’’ etc were simply sensational to hear and was awesome and inspirational. Great Coach Flowers!!

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