Critics’ Choice Awards: Emotional Speech by Ryan Reynolds dedicating his award to the Memory of Cancer Victims

Pic: Youtube Video Screengrab

I would like to dedicate this honour to the Make-a-Wish foundation and the Sick Kids Foundation of Toronto, two incredible organizations that do so much for so many kids in need.

Deadpool’ was an 11-year odyssey for me to get up here, and it resonated with a lot of people. The character had cancer and some of the people that this character resonated with were sick kids.

They didn’t lose the battle, they started a fight and it’s up to us to finish it.

(Thanking the executives at 20th Century Fox for having the) foresight to see that children all over the world needed a sex-positive superhero running around in a big red body condom in the midst of a highly militarized shame spiral.

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