‘Demonetization is only short term pain for a long term gain’ – Highlights of Narendra Modi’s Speech at the inauguration of new campus of National Institute of Securities Markets in Raigad


Demonetisation a short term pain for long term gain.

Financial markets can play an important role in the modern economy.

Government will continue with sound economic policies to ensure India’s bright future in long run;no decisions for short term political gains.

In 2012-13 fiscal deficit had reached alarming levels. Currency was falling sharply. Inflation was high. Current account deficit was rising.

In less than 3 years, this government has transformed the economy.

India has earned a good name for its well regulated securities markets.

India is being seen as a bright spot. Growth is projected to remain among the highest in the world.

India’s place as the fastest growing large economy has not come about by accident.

My government is very keen to encourage start-ups. Stock markets are essential for the start-up ecosystem.

Need long term economic planning.

Those who profit from financial markets must make a fair contribution to nation-building through taxes.

We have a long way to go, our stock markets needs to raise capital in innovative ways for agricultural sector.