Ed Reed – This coach of Miami Hurricanes team gave a motivational speech at the half time during a state rivalry match between Miami and Florida in 2001 and is superb


Edward Earl Reed or Ed Reed was born in the year 1978 in Louisiana in USA and is well known former American football safety. As an assistant defensive coach of Buffalo Bills team of National football league he is considered highly by many for his superb contributions.

It is sensational to note that he played for University of Miami as a college football player and he was outstanding. The ‘’All-American’’ titles won by him was really sensational.

It is amazing to note that he was a superb track athlete at the famous Destrehan High School where he won many admirers with his great talent. He was a superb javelin thrower plus a long jumper also.

It is now said that Ed Reed gave a superb motivational speech during the halftime of Miami-Florida state rivalry game in 2001 and it was awesome. This short but very effective speech was given by him on 13th of October in 2001. At the halftime Ed Reed and his team were down 21-13 and reed motivated his players by saying ‘’I am putting my heart in this Dawg’’ and ‘’Let’s go, man!’’. The speech was so effective that his team Miami Hurricanes won the game with score 49-27 and it was superb. Great Ed Reed!!

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