Emotional Luke Beveridge Speech at the club’s best and fairest

I think the man of the hour will be the best and fairest winner, just quietly, but I appreciate that Gerard.

It’s a bit of a trap when you wear your club suit so often and make a lot of speeches and you don’t clean out your pockets. I almost fell off my chair when I pulled out a speech and it was Saturday night’s. I was almost in a taxi home to try and find the one I was supposed to say tonight.

It’s also a bit of a worry when you look down at your speech and you thought you’d written down some funny things and it don’t really look that funny.

It’s been pretty stressful thinking about talking tonight. And the great thing is that so many great things have been written about our players and what they’ve achieved and there’s no way I can top that so I’m not really going to try. Read full script.

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