Emotional Speech by Prince’s Sister Tyka Nelson at American Music Award will make you cry

Pic: Twitter Video Screengrab

Prince defied the odds.

A black teen from Minneapolis with a goal to electrify the world, he had the courage to be different.

With his vision & God-given talent, he is still one of the world’s most respected and loved artists.

What he told me was that he wanted to be known as the world’s most prolific songwriter. And with 984 titles to his credit and counting, he has done just that.

In the words of Prince: ‘With love, honor and respect for every living thing in the universe, separation ceases, and we all become one being, singing one song’.

On behalf of Prince — our wonderful friend, teacher and brother — I humbly accept this award.

We … will keep this for you at Paisley Park, until we see you again. This is for you.

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