Eric Trump makes an effective speech for his father Donald Trump – Highlights of his speech in Boardman

Pic: YouTube ScreenShot

The problem is the politicians are selling our country down the drain.

They’re doing terrible jobs on behalf of people in this country.

We’re going to have someone who starts fighting for this country again.

We’re going to have someone who starts winning for this country again. We’re not winning at anything we do.

I’m really not a fan of people stealing emails.

But one thing – the one good thing that came out of this whole WikiLeaks thing – is it’s an inside look for all of us as to how bad it truly is and how poorly represented we are by the people in Washington, D.C. I can tell you guys it’s going to change, and it’s going to change really quickly for all of us.

He (his father) wouldn’t be running for president if this country was doing great.

He’s going to start working so so hard for the people of this country, and he’s going to make you guys and me – he’s going to make us all – so incredibly proud to live in the greatest country in the world, which is the United States of America.

The reception I’ve gotten from all over the state has been absolutely incredible and people want their country back.

People want America back and our politicians in Washington, D.C. aren’t doing it.

We’ve got too many problems and my father would do a great job for this nation.

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