Fabulous actor cum rapper Daveed Diggs on the famous show ‘’Live with Kelly’’ explains his Tony award acceptance speech

Daveed Diggs was born on 24th January in the year 1982 in Oakland in California, USA and is a popular actor cum rapper who has made many heads turn with his sensational talent. Clipping is a popular hip hop group based in Los Angeles, USA and in this group Daveed Diggs as a vocalist is tremendous and is spoken highly. This Daveed Diggs is well known for the roles of Thomas Jefferson and Marquis De Lafayette in the musical ’’Hamilton’’ and caught the attention of many.

It is great that his roles in ‘’Hamilton’’ were responsible for winning Grammy and Tony Award for 2016. It is important to note that 1947 year started Tony award is given to the persons who have done superbly in live Broadway theatre and Broadway league in combination with American Theatre Wing jointly presents this Tony award. Recently this sensational actor Daveed Diggs gave acceptance speech on his Tony award and it was superb.

Daveed Biggs expressed his happiness about winning Tony award and revealed that he did not think that he would win this coveted Tony award. He then spoke about how Manuel Mirinda was superb and Manuel would win this Tony award. It is now brought out that this Daveed Diggs during his pre- school days was asked to perform for the class and he always wanted to do gymnastics with his dad.

Daved Diggs also spoke about how his dad saw ‘’Hamilton’’ for the very first time and that too on the afternoon just before Daveed Diggs was given the award. Superb Daveed Diggs!!

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