Famous actor Jackie Chan gave sensational speech after he got the prestigious Oscar Award and he is awesome


Actor Jackie Chan has created awesome impact on many all over the world for many years is well known. Born on 7th April in the year 1954 in Hong Kong this Jackie Chan is a popular martial artist, actor, director plus producer, singer who has been regarded highly. Jackie Chan is noted for his out of the world stunt sequences in his films and this has made him very popular actor for the young as well as old. It is amazing that he has acted over 200 films in his five decade old film career and has got huge fan following all over.

All roads led to Hollywood and Highland Centre in Los Angeles in USA recently when he was recognized for his superb work in many films and he was given honorary Oscar Award.

It is superb to mention here that this actor Jackie Chan was praised by none other than the famous actor Hanks. According to Hanks Jackie Chan was similar to Buster Keaton and John Wayne and he heaped praises on Chan as Chan did what other actors could not do in their films. It is great that Jackie Chan put bloopers on at the end of his films and that was simply awesome as per Hanks.

Jackie Chan expressed his happiness on this prestigious Oscar Award that was given for his superb contributions over five decades and said it was dream come true for him. Actor Jackie Chan also recollected his memories of growing up and seeing Oscars with his parents.

Jackie Chan spoke about his dad who always asked him when he would win Oscar Award and thanked Chinese people who supported him.

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