‘Finally the earthquake has come’ – Highlights of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Speech in Lok Sabha

‘Finally the earthquake has come’ – Highlights of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Speech in Lok Sabha
Pic: Lok Sabha TV

Yesterday there was an earthquake. We will do whatever we can to aid those affected.

But finally the earthquake did come. I was wondering why the quake came when it did. The threat was given a long time ago.

There must be some reason that Mother Earth was so angry.

When can you have an operation? When the body is healthy. For demonetization, good economy was needed and this was a proper time.

Our economy was doing well and our (demonetization) decision was taken at the right time.

The move was calculative. The decision was taken after Diwali when trade (across the country) was high.

Like Swachh Bharat, the decision on demonetisation is a movement to clean India (of corruption and black money).

You would have done this first, but this is not about keeping the seat of power, it entails a lot of hard work, so was not a priority for you. No worries. We do not shy away from work.

How can someone see sewa (service) or any other positive virtue in a scam?

We are not brought up in this sort of obsequious tradition.

There are many people here like me who were born after independence, we were not lucky to fight in the freedom struggle, but we are living and working for India.

I have said it in the past- every Prime Minister has contributed to the nation. But there is a party here that wants to attribute everything to one family.

We do not see everything from the prism of elections. The interests of the nation are supreme for us.

It does not matter how big you are, you will have to give back what belongs to the poor. My fight is for the poor.

Surgical strike was a big decision but no one is questioning about it like they do about demonetization.

I am not concerned about the elections. I am concerned about my country.

Now, middlemen no longer enjoy the benefits they did. We have stopped the corruption and loot.

When Rail budget was first presented, the transport sector was different. Now things are different & a more comprehensive look is needed.

My fight is for the poor and giving the poor their due. This fight will continue.

It is time to think about having Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha elections together; I know everybody will face some problems.

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