‘For God’s sake, do your job’ – Indian President Pranab Mukherjee’s recommendation to Indian MP’s while delivering the Defense Estate Day Lecture 2016

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For God’s sake, do your job. You are meant to transact business in Parliament.

Leaders are not elected to sit in dharna in Parliament. You can sit for protests in other places. But you are meant to exercise your authority as a Lok Sabha member and do your job.

If issues are not debated, not properly scrutinised in the floor the house, then I don’t think our parliamentary system can be every effective…. Freedoms should not be misused by disruption. Only minorities come to the well and disrupt.

Disruption means you are hurt, you are gagging majority. Majority never participates in this disruption. Only minority comes to the well, shouts slogans, stops the proceedings and creates a situation in which the Chair has no option but to adjourn the House.

Fact remains that this (disruption) has become a practice which should not be acceptable at all. Whatever be the differences, we have the opportunity, to speak our mind, to speak freely and no court can interfere in what I say on the floor of the House.

This type of freedom should not be misused by causing disruption.

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