Highlights of Barbara Boxer’s Farewell Senate Speech also paying Tribute to Anita Hill


I also need to pay tribute to Anita Hill, because without her, I never would have been elected to the Senate. Anita Hill courageously told her story to the all-male U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, breaking the silence on this painful issue.

In addition, people saw there were only two women in the Senate.

Anita Hill, you showed us all that we must never be afraid to take on the powerful. It certainly isn’t easy. But if you learn to be tough in the right way, you can find the sweet spot, even in this atmosphere where the parties have grown so far apart..

Because of the people of California who sent me here time and time again, 10 years at the House, 24 to the Senate, I had the opportunity to never stop trying.

I had the opportunity to speak out. No matter how many times I had to try, I did.

This has been a dream. To be in a profession that I think is noble, no matter how beaten up it gets.

Even from my position as local county representative for only 40,000 people, I was exposed to these national issues that would soon require all of my attention.

I am not only fortunate to have had this extraordinary career, but I’m also so fortunate to be going home to a state that stands for everything I believe in.

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