Highlights of Gopalkrishna Gandhi’s Speech when conferred the Lal Bahadur Shastri Award for excellence in public administration, academics and management

File Pic: Wikimedia Commons

The word ‘politics’ is in trouble. It suggests intrigue, manipulation and rivalry – every conceivable form of it, ranging from simple envy to the most complicated of psychopathic jealousies.

The word ‘politician’ is in even greater trouble. Today, it conjures a person who is one thing in appearance, quite another in reality.

Politicians once lived unostentatiously, often frugally and never flaunted their wealth, which they had either inherited with dignity or acquired outside politics – through other careers – with honesty.

Mostly, politicians do not walk now as much as they move. Literally, in moves and manoeuvres.

Politics has always known risks of failure, mainly of defeat and even violence. But today, politics is not just risky, it is full of danger.

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