Highlights of Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narednra Modi’s Speech at an Interaction with the Indian Community in Kobe, Japan


I am sure whatever happens in India makes you very proud.

The good in India is happening due to 125 crore Indians.

First develop India. Despite two years of serious drought, the entire world has acknowledged that India is the fastest growing large economy globally.

We need to free India from the menace of poverty.

When we assumed office what did we do first- we opened bank accounts for the poor.

India is getting historically high FDI and is moving quickly on the path of economic progress.

When we assumed office what did we do first- we opened bank accounts for the poor.

This is a massive swachhata abhiyaan (cleaning drive). The money that has been looted has to be recovered. And, the rules have to be the same for everyone.

We spent long hours trying to figure out how to minimize the inconvenience. We said no questions would be asked of deposits of up to two-and-a-half lakh rupees.

Now, even those sons who left their mothers at old-age homes are depositing two-and-a-half lakh rupees in their mother’s accounts.

This government will do everything in it power to protect the interests of its citizen.

I salute each and every Indian. Many weddings have taken place, many have had to face medical emergencies. The people dealt with all this, and have accepted the decision.

I make it very clear that if anything unaccounted comes up, then I will check its records since Independence. Will deploy as many people as required for this. Honest people will not face any problem. No one will be spared. Those who know me, they are intelligent as well. They think it is better to offer it in Ganga than in banks.

I salute my countrymen. People stood in line for four hours, six hours but accepted the decision in national interest the way people of Japan tackled the aftermath of the 2011 disaster.

I thought long and hard about the possible difficulties and it was also important to keep it a secret. It had to be done suddenly but I never thought I will receive blessings for this.

If after this you think that the situation remains like before then it’s not my fault. There is no guarantee that more won’t follow.

Money that has been looted has to be recovered. And the rules have to be same for everyone.

People are willingly and happily making sacrifices for the nation, but some elements are forcing them to speak out against me.

I will check records since Independence. If I come across unaccounted cash, nobody will be spared.

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