Highlights of Milo Yiannopoulos’ Annie Taylor Award Acceptance Speech at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend

File Photo : Wikipedia
File Photo : Wikipedia

Thank you very much for inviting me here to receive this. It feels correct and appropriate to win and everyone involved in making the decision should congratulate themselves on their good taste and judgment.

I’ve just come from New York City where I watched Donald Trump win the election, and frankly the much more enjoyable show of Hillary supporters wailing in agony while curled into the fetal position.

I don’t know why anyone was surprised about those satanic ritual rumors by the way. Lesbianism and witchcraft go together like Donald Trump and winning.

The Democrats rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders, another renegade Jew but one too foolish to be in this room, and they thought they had the general rigged too. They had pollsters putting out drastically skewed numbers, and a media completely beholden to her campaign.

Sorry to say it. But I come to you as a warning from Europe. And I wouldn’t be doing right by you if I didn’t give you a little tough love, of the kind Donald Trump has in mind for America.

Being a Republican was the new gay until this week — something you had to hide from your parents and coworkers so you weren’t ejected from polite society. The way right thinking people still treat gingers and vegans. Donald Trump changed all that. He made it cool again to be a conservative. Wearing a Make America Great Again cap is the most dissident, mischievous and subversive thing you can do in America today.

No one in the media predicted it, vanishingly few on the conservative side predicted it, and we know a lot of cowardly conservatives didn’t even want Trump to win.

But what left-wingers have learned is that courage involves action. It involves building infrastructure and infiltrating existing institutions, like they have so effectively with academia.

Courage is an excellent thing to honor. What does it say about conservatives that we give so few awards to honor it? As some of you may know, it is legally required by the United Kingdom that I quote Churchill, who pointed out “Courage is required first, for any of the other virtues to operate”.

Conservatives must have the courage to risk being smeared, must be courageous enough to leave the ghetto and talk to everyone of all political persuasions, to wade into the bastions of the enemy like universities, black neighborhoods, and Silicon Valley to engage.

One thing you can say for the Left: no defeat ever stops it from getting up and trying again and again and again.

With the rise of new, more persuasive, more glamorous and more fabulous advocates for conservative values, in part inspired by Trump and in part giving rise to him in the first place, all that has changed.

Conservatives must engage in this culture war, especially young conservatives at the university level. I’ve witnessed it first hand, and am an active warrior in this battle myself.

I mean give me a break. Considering how much experience the left has with faking hate-crimes you’d think they would be good at it by now.

My Dangerous Faggot tour was designed to activate a new generation of fighters — brave culture warriors like Ariana Rowlands at UC Irvine, Tom Ciccotta at Bucknell, viral genius Hunter Swogger, a recent graduate of Michigan.

Where are the conservative writers, filmmakers, and artists? Why was a Pro-Trump art show I starred in, staged in a New York art gallery last week, a unique and massive news story?

Courage is taking action. Both Breitbart News and I take action. We are boisterous, loud, larger than life, in your face.

Well, that is the snobbery that has left the conservative movement intellectually and creatively dead in the water for decades.

I answered her in my trademark sensitive and caring way : “Madam, I’m grateful to you for coming, but quite honestly fuck your feelings.”

Young conservatives are emboldened by seeing someone stand up for them and tell these spoiled brats to shut up and get out if they don’t like it. Daddy Trump did the same thing for the common man at his rallies.

Despite what you may think, I am a modest person, but I will take a share of the credit for creating the revolution against college crybullies. I taught America to laugh at social justice warriors. Six months later the movement on campus was heading for extinction.

Conservatives are funnier than liberals. We can produce content that is much better and funnier than they can, because they are so obsessed with their juvenile emotions and special interest groups. Anyone unfortunate enough to have sat through the new Ghostbusters film knows I am speaking the truth.

My advice to everyone in this audience is to learn how to support and work with the new younger generation of conservatives. My tour has shown me there is a deep divide between the youth movement and establishment conservatives.

They woke up after the election to see Donald Trump’s entire movement labeled as anti-semitic, at the same time that Prime Minister Netanyahu called Trump “A true friend of Israel”.

Instead of being as quick to throw around that phrase as the Southern Poverty Law Center, conservatives must make the effort to come together with young people to heal the rifts exposed by this election cycle.

At the American bicentennial, Gerald Ford said that “liberty is a flame to be fed, not ashes to be revered.”. I juxtapose that with a comment I received from the leader of a very old and distinguished conservative organization, who said of his establishment peers: “They revere ashes, have lost the truth and have forgotten how to laugh and to battle.”

History remembers the brave. It recalls those heroic Jewish fighters, the Maccabees, who faced down the Greeks who hoped to force them into religious conversion.

So let us fight, but let our motto be Risus et bellum, Laughter and war. Because nothing stings our foes, foreign and domestic, more than our hearty laughter at their lies and nonsense.

Ladies and gentlemen: please raise your glasses — to courage. Thank you, God bless you all, God bless Donald Trump and God bless America.

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