Highlights of Mitch Fifield’s address at the Zionist Federation of Australia’s (ZFA) 2016 biennial conference

File Pic: mitchfifield.com

It embraces the rule of law, freedom of speech and freedom of association in a part of the world where those things are in very short supply.

Israel for me has always been a beacon of hope … a beacon of tolerance. And I think the wellbeing of Israel really is a marker for the wellbeing of the global order that we have.

What I think the arts does is it provides an opportunity to connect with people with their defences down.

I think arts more broadly can bridge barriers between communities within one nation, but also between people of different nations.

Yes, it is obviously a cradle of culture but it’s also a model for coexistence and I think holds within it the hope of greater understanding in the future.

Security is an important underpinning for confidence. But you also need a cultural underpinning to national confidence.