Highlights of Motivational Speech by Shah Rukh Khan after receiving the Doctorate from Maulana Azad National Urdu University


When you become a person of my age or your parents’ age or your teachers’ age, somewhere that regret will be there that why I did not do that (as a career). I just want to tell every boy and girl that do where your heart is.

Nobody is small. You have to respect all.

He gave me a typewriter. You have to be very diligent in typing. When I learnt typing, I realised that practice makes you perfect. Whatever you do in life, do it with diligence as if it is the last chance to do it.

Life will be better if you look at things with a sense of humour.

I am a bad poet. But, I still write something…When I write, I get peace.

He once gifted me his old camera. It never functioned. I could see from the viewfinder but couldn’t click pictures. It taught me an important lesson. Our creativity or hobby cannot always become our work. Very few people are fortunate to make it their job to me. But whatever our creativity is, be it poetry, painting, singing or dancing, it is not necessary that the world should accept it.

Like the camera I had, it couldn’t click but whatever one saw through it was beautiful. Similarly, you should hone your creativity for yourself and it doesn’t matter whether the world accepts it or not.

Because in life when you are alone or depressed at that time it is your creativity who becomes your best friend whether the world likes it or not.

At one stage in life, when we may feel lonely and sad, our creativity will be our best friend.

My father gave me a chess set and I learnt many lessons from it. The first thing you can learn is cooperation and how to work together. The second is sometimes you have to retreat to move ahead in life.

Another important lesson is that sometimes to move ahead in life you have to sacrifice the thing whom you develop affection for, like the queen.

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