Highlights of Narendra Modi’s Speech at ‘Heart of Asia conference’ at Amritsar


Since the turn of this century, the international community has extensively engaged in Afghanistan.

It is a particular pleasure to jointly inaugurate this conference with our friend and partner, President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan.

Amritsar nurtures an old and steadfast connection of warmth and affection with Afghanistan.

Our gathering today re-affirms the commitment of the international community to durable peace and lasting stability in Afghanistan.

Our words and actions remain focused at advancing a critical unfinished mission of our time.

Silence and inaction against terrorism in Afghanistan and our region will only embolden terrorists and their masters.

We should all work to build stronger positive connectivity between Afghanistan and other countries of the region.

On India’s part, our commitment to our brave Afghan brothers and sisters is absolute and unwavering.

As such, support for voices of peace in Afghanistan alone is not enough. It must be backed by a resolute action. Not just against forces of terrorism but also against those who support, shelter and finance them.

As India implements its additional commitments, we are open to work with other like-minded partners for the development of Afghanistan.

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