Highlights of PM Modi’s Speech at Himachal Pradesh


Government of India is working very hard on strengthening the food processing facilities so that the farmer is benefitted.

BJP CMs here in Himachal Pradesh devoted themselves to people’s good.

Shanta Kumarji is popularly remembered as ‘Paani Wale CM’ and Dhumalji as ‘Grameen Sadak Wale CM’.

Projects costing Rs 34 crore 3 decades ago costs more than Rs. 2000 crore now. Had the projects been completed on time imagine the gains.

The world is now talking about our Army. We used to hear about similar feats of the Israeli army. But now everyone knows Indian Army is no less.

I feared that the people here would be annoyed with me for taking so long in visiting the state (after the 2014 election).

I had spoken here about OROP when I came here to campaign. Today in this veerbhumi, I can say that this right of yours have been given.

The One Rank One Pension was hanging for 40 years, and it is our government which completed that work. Not only soldiers but their families bless me.