Highlights of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Speech at a Parivartan Rally in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh

YouTube Video Screengrab

You voted me to power to curb corruption; why I should not take strong steps to curb the menace of corruption.

I will never take any step which may hurt honest citizens.

And when I was small, people would tell me, ‘Make the chai a little karak’ (make the chai a little strong).

(I am pained by the inconvenience faced by the people but crackdown on black money a strong step taken in public interest.

Yes, those against me are strong people. But, I will not be scared of them. I will not leave the path of truth and integrity.

But I will not spare those with unaccounted Rs 2.5 crore cash, and those who have stashed money under the bed.

I salute this land (Ghazipur) which gave birth to Vir Abdul Hamid, who taught Pakistan a lesson in 1965 war.

Our enemy is printing counterfeit notes across the border.

Throwing Rs 1,000 notes were found floating in Ganga river will not solve sins.

Today, on Pandit ji’s birthday I pledge to reopen those files, which his party and family PMs never did. It’s my tribute.

In 1962, Ghazipur MP told Pandit Nehru about dire state of poor in Purvanchal, then Pandit ji formed a committee.

After Pandit Nehru passed away, many PMs came and went but that committee report is still lost in files.

During Emergency, Indira Gandhi shut down papers; Congress stopped 25 paisa coin, now they are protesting the note ban.

What did the Congress do for 19 months during the Emergency? They made this nation a prison and arrested so many people.

Demonitisation is my gift to Nehru.

Pandit Nehru, your family members abuse me, your party abuses me but I am here to fulfil what was left incomplete from your time.

Today, rich people are taking sleeping pills while poor citizens are sleeping peacefully.

Poor are supporting note ban while some who had stashed black money are criticising it.

Some people never say anything in your face, but behind your back they poke other people to oppose and go against you.

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