Highlights of RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s Speech on Dussehra (Vijayadasami) 2016


India is developing. One day our country will make its mark. India’s development is in the hands of its citizens.

This kind of a regime was needed to take on those headliner forces in the world who don’t want to see India progress.

Attempts are made to blow small incidents out of proportion.

Many communities like Jains are involved in Gau raksha. Gau rakshaks are good people. But they should work under the law and Constitution.

The Gau raksha laws were not made by this regime. Gau rakshaks have to launch agitation at times to save cows. The administration should be careful as to see who are the law breakers and who create nuisance.

State and central governments should have coordination. Where goes the money on development works? The citizens feel they don’t receive anything from the government. Ensure transparent administration.

Our border forces should be prepared and well coordinated. Central government needs to take care of border and internal security, and state governments should support them.

Make sure people are not pitted against each other. Media also has a role to play. Media should be careful not to create divisions in the society.

Major changes are needed in the education sector.

The society is filled with diversity. But India’s culture is such that, there should be unity in diversity.

It is India’s duty to live among all the developments, and keep the culture alive.

The Sangh’s swayamsevaks become a part in working towards people’s welfare.

Justice should prevail in the society. We became swayamsevaks, not to be an audience, but to bring justice to the people.

Any unrest in Kashmir is fuelled by elements across the border, and (with the surgical strikes) our government gave those elements a fitting reply.

They (Pakistan) have got the message that there is a limit to tolerance.

You can’t compare cow protectors to those trying to spread religious hatred.

Cow protection is good for the country…a lot of farmers are dependent on the cow.

Due to discrimination based on caste, creed, language a few incidents take place in our society which are shameful.

Enemies of the country will face the heat.

This time Vijayadashami is special. Country is progressing gradually.

On the ‘Sthapana Diwas’ of the RSS, my greetings to all swayamsevaks and best wishes in their endeavours to serve our nation.

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