‘I still can’t believe it happened’ – Mark King’s emotional speech post Northern Ireland Open win

YouTube Video Screengrab

See the last two minutes, where they (his kids) came out… I’ve been dreaming of that ever since they’ve been born.

And I never thought it would happen. 42 years old, I’m on the last nine of my career. Them coming out and seeing me winning is everything.

My wife has been unbelievable the last few years. I used to (be into) compulsive gambling, (I would) treat her like absolute crap and she has stuck with me. She’s been an absolute rock.

I can’t thank her enough. She’s an angel.

I just looked over at them and said: ‘Am I dreaming?’ I still can’t believe it happened.

It was one of those things that I never thought was going to happen. I messed around a bit, with my gambling years and years ago but I go to GA (Gamblers Anonymous) once a week and it keeps me clean.

I’ve been off it nearly four years and it’s really good.

I’m gutted he (father) can’t be here tonight but he’s not feeling very well. He spent his last money on me all through the years.

Even before this competition he lent me money to be here because I was skint.

Seriously, he’s 83 years old, a little wheeler and dealer, ducking and diving, and everyone on the tour knows him.

He’s the most loveliest bloke and I cannot thank him enough. The only thing I can do is take that trophy home.

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