‘I will probably eject at least three loads out of my butt every week’ – When Singer Montaigne’s ARIA Awards speech turned amusing

Pic: YouTube Video Screengrab

Sydney singer Montaigne when she came to accept her ARIA Award, she had prepared her speech well and had stored it on her iPhone.

But started well but then lost track completely. She said weird things like:

“I must remember that … For the rest of my life I will probably eject at least three loads out of my butt every week, at least three times, and along with other … Like a million other humans at the same time. I am human, like everyone else, and I must stay modest. This is just a thing.”

While speaking to a media network she said:

“I wrote my speech on my phone, it was a damn fine speech let me tell you. I rehearsed it and everything but once I got up there… I just panicked and decided to read it from memory and was forgetting because I was nervous and trying to refer back to my phone. So the message got completely mixed up.”

But in this social media age there’s no remedy when things go wrong. Her speech is going viral and it could be an embarrassing situation for her.


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