I’ve been to a lot of awards ceremonies here… Beautiful BAFTA award speech by Ricky Gervais


Mostly people speak what they are not. We often speak to please others. I speech is not something which we write on a paper and pre-edited. A speech is something which should come from heart. Here’s beautiful BAFTA award speech by Ricky Gervais.

I’ve been to a lot of awards ceremonies here. Someone always gets up and says ‘I haven’t prepared a speech. I didn’t think I’d win’.

Well I knew I’d won and I didn’t prepare a speech. It shows you the contempt I have for this award and this town in general.

I’m joking of course. This is a great town. It’s all about celebrities, which are the best people in the world. The most important.

And BAFTA is the best award. So put them together, BAFTA and LA, the most important award ceremony in the world.”

This particular award is the probably the greatest BAFTA award. So the best award in the history of the universe.

What I’m taking from this is you, and everyone in show business, is saying to me that I’m better than Charlie Chaplin. I humbly accept this award.