Jimbo Fischer- This USA based college football coach gave inspiring speech before Florida State University won over Miami and is superb


As a head coach at the famous Florida State University or FSU Jimbo Fischer has caught the attention of many with his great coaching skills.

This Jimbo Fischer was born in West Virginia in USA in the year 1965. It must be noted that he went to North View Junior High school and Liberty High School in his younger days. It was in the year 1987 he became the NCAA Division 3 National Player of the Year.

He also served as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at the renowned Louisiana State University from 2000 to 2006.

The game between FSU and Miami took place in Hard Rock stadium and this Jimbo Fischer gave motivational speech to his team members and was spoken highly.

Jimbo Fischer asked his team to show resilience like infants. He spoke about how infants when trying to walk falls down many times and they don’t feel unhappy for that. The infants never thinks negatively regarding walking on their own and tries again and again to walk.

He also spoke about how falling was not a problem but getting up was very important. He also spoke about how many times the team players would take the fight till the end.

His awesome inspiring words had great effect on the team and his team won the game beating Miami convincingly. Great Jimbo Fischer!!

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