Joycelyn Elders, Former Surgeon General’s Healthcare Speech Highlights

Representational Pic: Wikipedia

I think the impact that I had as Surgeon General is that I increased the ability to address some of the sexual health problems that we have in our country.

We were very silent about sexual health, and I was the Surgeon General in the middle of the AIDS epidemic.

I think that the topics that I was talking about were controversial topics. And they still are controversial. There are people that still won’t talk about these topics and don’t like to talk about these topics.

They [college students] are going to be the new leaders of the next century, and they have got to meet the challenge of making sure that we have a good system in place.

They have got to learn [that] what we need to do is listen to the people, making sure that we educate them so that they can do more to take care of themselves.