Justine Greening Speech “There’s one area that really stands out and that’s education”

As a Conservative, when I look at where we’ve had the biggest impact in government, there’s one area that really stands out.

And that’s education.

Through a lot of hard work, not least from teachers…

….we have come a very, very long way.

Thanks to the reforms carried out by Michael Gove and Nicky Morgan…

… we’ve seen standards raised and 1.4m more children in good or outstanding schools.

In higher education, the global rankings now show our universities right at the very top…

….with record numbers of our young people applying.

Crucially, over the last six and a half years we’ve also seen a renaissance in apprenticeships….

… well over two and a half million of them (since 2010).

We’ve much to be proud of. Read full script

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