Miley Cyrus – This singer from USA gave a sensational speech recently at the 10th Power of Women luncheon event and she is amazing

Pic: YouTube

Miley Cyrus has caught the attention of many by her singing talents is well known. This USA born singer plus song writer plus actress has got innumerable fans and she is regarded highly by many.

It must be noted that at the 10th Power of Women L.A. luncheon this incredible singer cum actress touched many people’s heart there with her superb speech. This event hosted by Rachel Bloom saw many celebrities such as Ava DuVernay, Helen Mirren and others like Scarlett Johnson etc.

At this special event Miley Cyrus was cynosure of many eyes not for her singing but for her speech. The above said celebrities were honoured at the luncheon for their magnificant contributions. Helen Mirren shared her thoughts about the importance of women voting for the upcoming elections in USA. Miley Cyrus spoke about how Happy Hippie Foundation was superb in its work of supporting Hollywood’s LGBT and homeless people.

Miley Cyrus also spoke about Jamie Brewer was one of many who were involved in this charity foundation. She also threw light on how this foundation works and is lending great help and explained how love and peace were very important in lives.

It is interesting to note that facts and statistics provided by this Miley Cyrus were sensational. It was clear that she was using her popularity so that marginalized communities got benefited by her personality. It was great that she touched many people there with her amazing speech of less than six minutes. It must be noted that in the USA based TV series titled ‘’ Crisis in Six Scenes’’ this Miley Cyrus as Lennie Dale awesome. Great Miley Cyrus!!

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