Need of Digitization in Teaching & Learning – Highlights of Visionary Speech by Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah at Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah’s 9th convocation in Dewan Jubli Perak

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Universities’ roles are also paramount in leading the digital transformation, by presenting a vast amount of knowledge and intellectual property. Universities need to unlock the culture of innovation and face the technology (head-on) in order to remain relevant.

Both companies (Alibaba and Amazon) are like magnets that attract millions of people to engage in economic activities. As such, investors don’t want to miss the opportunity to invest in this sector.

The function of teaching and learning at universities has undergone a drastic change due to digitization. Employers and universities should collaborate, wherein employers must identify needed skills, while universities must develop a suitable curriculum.

Universities need to make a paradigm shift from being merely an institution to being an active and important participant in the digital ecosystem.

This requires a mindset of collaboration and openness, so that universities can help reinvent the future, acting not only as supporters, but the originators of theories and new technology

Overcoming internal bureaucracy is an integral part of the ecosystem of innovation, so universities must change and adapt in line with changes in society, the government and the corporate sector.

Universities need to develop and expand their digital capabilities, which include infrastructure, human resources and a programme as a platform for innovation

The number of MOOCs is increasing in the world and making the learning process easily accessible

Nevertheless, no one can deny the importance of direct interaction between teachers and students, as it is one of the elements needed to produce high quality education.

MOOCs should be merged with the traditional way of delivering knowledge, so that a new, contemporary education method can be successfully formulated

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