Nick Clegg Passionate Brexit Speech Highlights


As a believer, I believe we are called to live godly lives but also we recognize that we all fall short. It’s not about condoning what was said and done, it’s about believe in grace and forgiveness. As Christians we are called to forgive, even as we’ve been forgiven.

This election is a choice between whether we’re going to continue to go downhill to a weaker America at home and abroad, to a struggling economy that walks farther away from our most cherished constitutional values or whether we are going to stop and plant our feet and march back up the hill to a stronger America.

I could always rely on them to marry their loathing of the EU to their passion for the traditions and prerogatives of this House. That was their raison d’être, that they hated Brussels as much as they loved the House of Commons.

They still hate Brussels, but they now appear to be comply tongue-tied, completely mute, silent when they have an opportunity to speak up of the traditional prerogatives of this House.

Where is the courage, where is the clarity, where is the willingness to be put country before party?

Apparently the referendum on the 23rd June was an overwhelming vote in favor of Brexit apart from a few misguided members of the liberal elite – everyone else apparently voted Brexit.

For mem the dictionary definition of ‘overwhelming’ does not confirm to a very narrow vote in which one side got 17.4 million votes and the other got 16.1 million votes.

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