Noni Hazlehurst- 63 Year Old Australian Actress gave her Acceptance Speech at Hall of Fame Awards


An Australia based actress plus director plus presenter plus broadcaster has become talk of the town now. This 63 year old woman named Noni Hazlehurst from Melbourne in Australia has made a mark in many TV, radio programmes, mini- series etc is known now. It is awesome that she has been awarded with many awards in the past for her superb contributions. It is important to note that the famous Logie Award is also given to her.

It is superb that this Noni Hazlehurst received the greatest recognition when she was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 2016. Recently she gave her acceptance speech and touched the hearts of many audiences. This superb actress cum TV personality shared her thoughts about inhuman responses to immigration, negative news cycle, sexism and racism in entertainment industry. Noni hazlehurst also said her response to the Logie’s speech has been going on and is overhelming.

It was in the month of May 2016 she turned many heads with her sensational speech at the TV industry award event when she took aim at the Australian Prime Minister Mr Malcolm Turnbull’s opinion that Australians cannot be misty eyed about offshore detention.

It is remarkable that her thoughts and concerns over the effects on children of today’s news cycle made huge noises at the acceptance speech event and she was spoken by many.

According to her being human is more important. It must be noted that this Noni Hazlehurst was one of the most nominated women in Daily life’s magazine readers vote for most inspired women. Superb Noni Hazlehurst!!

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