Sarah Panzau- This accident survivor delivers powerful and inspirational speech

Sarah Panzau- This accident survivor delivers powerful and inspirational speech
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Drinking is very bad for health is known to us. Driving after drinking is worst because it would lead to many accidents not only for the person who has drunk but also for others. A woman Sarah Panzau has realized this and is doing great work of creating awareness in many people with her superb inspirational speeches.

It must be noted that this sensational woman has lost her left arm because of rash driving after consuming alcohol. Recently she met RGV students and gave her touching speech for them. Life was smooth and happy for this Sarah Panzau until one day she met with an accident. That day 23rd August 2003 would be always remembered by her as it was on that day accident took place.

This volleyball star who always loved partying with her close friends was shocked as her car lost control and turned as many as four times on the highway. It is important to mention that the impact of the accident was so hard and because of this huge impact this Sarah was thrown out of the car and she then found lying on the road. Sarah spoke about the accident that changed her life totally. She expressed her feelings and said how she lost her arm plus injured her left back etc.

It is now brought out that she was in the hospital for a period of six weeks and underwent as many as 40 operations. At this stage most of us would have gone down totally but not this Sarah Panzau.

Sarah took to creating awareness regarding this drunken driving and its effects and it is now said that she is happy in creating impact on the lives of many with her sad story. Remarkable Sarah Panzau!!

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