‘There is no bigger threat to American progress & prosperity than the threat of global climate change’ – Powerful Speech by Gina McCarthy at a National Press Club event

Pic: Twitter @GinaEPA

Science tells us that there is no bigger threat to American progress and prosperity than the threat of global climate change.

And if you take absolutely nothing else from my speech today, take this: The train to a global clean energy future has already left the station.

Over the past eight years under President Obama’s leadership, we have taken tremendous strides forward in economic growth.

At the same time, we have made incredible progress in cutting pollution and protecting public health.

We make progress using science and the law. And we continue to be responsive to change. We do not oppose it.

That’s how EPA was born. That’s how our mission will exist, far beyond the bounds of electoral cycles. Because at its core, EPA embraces the ideal, ‘E pluribus unum,’ ‘Of many come one.’ Because pollution and health risks, they do not discriminate. And we, like this nation, will always be a place where we draw strength from our differences.

I’m looking forward to a sound transition and getting folks in here so they can see the breadth of the work in the agency and how well we’ve done our job.

They are experts on these issues. They will give you an opportunity to lead. I would suggest you take it.

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