This labour MP Vicky Foxcroft during her speech at the House of Commons revealed about the death of her 5 days old baby and it was touching


It is known that October 15th is the Baby Loss Awareness Day and it is a day of remembrance of pregnancy loss, baby death etc which is observed in countries like Canada, USA, Italy and few Australian states like NSW, WA etc.

Recently MP of labour party Vicky Foxcroft gave her speech during the Baby Loss Awareness Week and she was very emotional and her speech touched many hearts there. It is now said that she struggled to write her speech and was in dilemma whether to share or not. Vicky Foxcroft also spoke about how certain issues needs to be addressed.

It is confirmed that her friends were watching her from the gallery and she said that she found it so hard to let them also know about her personal issues. Vicky Foxcroft revealed that she did not felt embarrassed about her situation. It is now clear that she liked her daughter Veronica who had passed away. She said that her daughter was born 10 days after the date and umbilical cord got wrapped around her baby’s throat as the surgery was delayed.

Vicky Foxcroft further spoke about how though her baby was placed in the life support machine for five days she could not survive.

Foxcroft touched many hearts there when she said she did not want her baby to die when she got to hold her baby for the first time. The shocking part is this kind Foxcroft does not have any kid now as she always had feared that this issue might come again for her next kid and does not want that to happen once again. Her emotional speech made many shed tears. Touching!!

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