This mountain runner Adam Campbell gave inspiring speech with many positives in it

This mountain runner Adam Campbell gave inspiring speech with many positives in it
Pic: Youtube @TEDx Talks

Canada based mountain runner Adam Campbell has grabbed the attention of many now. This sensational runner would not forget the date 31st August 2016 because on that day he broke his pelvis and spine T8-T11. He also had lacerations plus soft tissue injuries while he was travelling across Rogers Pass in British Columbia in Canada.

Parks Canada Search and Rescue team helped this Adam Campbell and they shifted to Kamloops Royal Inland Hospital by means of a helicopter.

It is now revealed that this Adam Campbell has given soul touching speech that had many positives. He has now recounted his experiences and was happy that there were many positives that came from the severe accident.
Referring to the accident Adam Campbell said he took one step too far over the edge. He also spoke about how he considered himself to be a dead man because he fell upside down the rocky online after clinging to a loose rock for some time.

He also threw light on the fact that he was so surprised that he has survived this steep fall. Adam Campbell also read certain things from his journal. It was revealed by him that he was not able to sleep in pain and was lying sore and bruised all over.

He also spoke about how his family was brought together because of his accident. It must be noted that though the recovery was slow and steady he was happy about the positives like his parents reconnecting with him after 20 years of separation. Superb Adam Campbell!!

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