This pre-game address by Ray Lewis had great effect on his Stanford’s Cardinal men basketball team and is superb

Representational Pic: Wikipedia

It is well known that Ray Lewis did many superb things with Baltimore Ravens team for many years and inspired the players to many victories. This Ray Lewis was bought by Stanford’s Cardinal men basketball team for the 2012 NIT tournament.

It is now confirmed that Ray Lewis made profound effect on the players and helped them to perform to their potential.In the year 2012 representing Stanford’s Cardinal Men team Ray Lewis was sensational in his touching speech and it was a pre-game address to his players for the NIT semis versus UMass.   This NIT might not be that great when compared to other tournaments but Stanford Cardinal men team made history.

He spoke to his players at the locker room. He spoke on how putting great effort was very important as win or loss was always part and parcel of the game. Ray Lewis also spoke about how everyday is new day and how every moment is new moment. He also asked his players to go out and show their skills and play to their potential.

His words ’’pissed off for greatness’’ were tremendous and his team beat UMass team convincingly by 74-64 score and also his team won the tournament in the second round and surprised many. Great Ray Lewis!!

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