Top 15 Quotes of Theresa May’s speech to US Republicans

Top 15 Quotes of Theresa May's speech to US Republicans

1The opportunity to visit the United States is always special.

2I defy any person to travel to this great country at any time and not to be inspired by its promise and its example.

3A little more than 75 years ago, you responded to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor by joining Britain in the Second World War and defeating fascism not just in the Pacific but in Africa and Europe, too.

4The institutions upon which that world relies were so often conceived or inspired by our two nations working together.

5The World Bank and International Monetary Fund, born in the postwar world at Bretton Woods, were conceived by our two nations working together.

6For I speak you not just as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, but as a fellow conservative who believes in the same principles that underpin the agenda of your party.

7Principles instilled in me from a young age. Principles my parents taught me in the vicarage in southern England in which I was raised.

8President Trump’s victory, achieved in defiance of all of the pundits and the polls, and rooted not in the corridors of Washington, but in the hopes and aspirations of working men and women across this land, your part his victory, in both the Congress and the Senate, where you swept all before you, secured with great effort, and achieved with an important message of national renewal.

9Sovereign countries cannot outsource their security and prosperity to America. And they should not undermine the alliances that keep us strong by failing to step up and play their part.

10As Americans know, the United Kingdom is by instinct and history a great, global nation that recognizes its responsibilities to the world.

11A future that sees us restore our parliamentary sovereignty and national self-determination, and to become even more global and internationalist in action and in spirit.

12This is a vision of a future that my country can unite around — and that I hope your country, as our closest friend and ally, can welcome and support.

13Because the world is passing through a period of change — and in response to that change we can either be passive bystanders, or we can take the opportunity once more to lead. And to lead together.

14We each have different political traditions. We will sometimes pursue different domestic policies. And there may be occasions on which we disagree. But the common values and interests that bring us together are hugely powerful.

15To deal with the threats of the modern world, we need to rebuild confidence in the institutions upon which we all rely.

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