Top 30 Quotes from South African President Jacob Zuma’s 2017 State of the Nation Speech in the National Assembly

Top 30 Quotes from South African President Jacob Zuma’s 2017 State of the Nation Speech in the National Assembly

An illustrious son of our country, President Oliver Reginald Tambo, would have turned 100 years old this year, had he lived.

In this 23rd year of our freedom, our mission remains the quest for a united, democratic, non-sexist, non-racial and prosperous South Africa.

We successfully avoided credit ratings downgrades which would have had significant impact on our economy.

Unity in action was also demonstrated again this week with the conclusion of the agreement on the National Minimum Wage and on measures to stabilise labour relations.

Work is continuing to ensure energy security. Renewable energy forms an important part of our energy mix, which also includes electricity generation from gas, nuclear, solar, wind, hydro and coal.

Government is working hard to ensure reliable bulk water supply in the various areas of the country to support economic growth whilst increasing access to vulnerable and rural municipalities.

We call upon municipalities to support the War on Leaks programme.

President OR Tambo was a maths and science teacher. Government will thus prioritise maths and science more than ever before this year, in his memory.

Amongst the participating countries, South Africa has shown the largest improvement of 87 points in Mathematics and 90 points in Science.

All projects are proceeding well.

Other than law enforcement, the provision of treatment and prevention services is also critical.

Working together we will save our youth from drugs.

We are in the midst of the first phase which is the preparatory phase, which started in 2012.

We are deeply distressed by the death of so many psychiatric patients in Gauteng.

Political freedom alone is incomplete without economic emancipation.

Twenty two years into our freedom and democracy, the majority of black people are still economically disempowered. They are dissatisfied with the economic gains from liberation.

The gap between the annual average household incomes of African-headed households and their white counterparts remains shockingly huge.

Today we are starting a new chapter of radical socio-economic transformation. We are saying that we should move beyond words, to practical programmes.

The competition authorities have done excellent work to uncover the cartels and punish them for breaking the law.

Government is actively involved in the property sector, having provided more than four million houses since 1994.

We reiterate that radical economic transformation should mean moving beyond share ownership schemes only.

We assure the youth that the lowering of the cost of data is uppermost in our policies and plans.

Mining has always been the backbone of our economy and an important foreign exchange earner.

The families are going through immense pain and frustration.

We trust that Parliament will be able to move with speed in meeting the requirements so that the law can be finalised to effect transformation.

The promotion of access to justice was given added meaning last year when the High Court Division in Limpopo was opened in November.

We will continue to partner with the United States and work together on issues of mutual interest such as the full renewal of AGOA.

About 96% of the products will enter the EU market without being subjected to customs duties or quantitative restrictions.

The expansion of Israeli settlements undermines global efforts aimed at realising the two state solution and the Oslo accord. We wish to reiterate our support for the Palestinian course.

Let us unite in driving radical economic transformation for the good of our country.

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