Top Quotes from Donald Trump’s Speech cheering Indian-Americans at an event organised by Republican Hindu Coalition


Under a Trump Administration, we (US and India) are going to become even better friends, in fact I would take the term better out and we would be best friends.

I look forward to working with Prime Minister Modi.

I am a big fan of Hindu and I am a big front of India. If elected, the Indian and Hindu community would have a true friend at the White House.

We appreciate the great friend India has been to the US in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism.

Mumbai, a city, I love. The attack on India was absolutely outrageous.

India is key and a key strategic ally.

We are going to have great relation with China and Mexico, but we are going to have a great relationship with India.

We will defeat radical Islamic terrorism. We will stand soldier to soldier in this fight. This is so important in the age of ISIS.

We (US & India) are going to have a phenomenal future together.

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