Top Quotes from Rahul Gandhi’s Speech during ‘Jan Vedna Sammelan’ at Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium


He came on TV like Amitabh Bachchan and delivered his demonetisation dialogue. Like a magician he said “Mitron! Put your hands in your pocket”, people did as he said. Then he said, “The money in your pockets are now just pieces of paper”.

He is fooling the people by saying ‘Make in India’, ‘Skill India’, ‘Digital India’, ‘Swachh Bharat’. He thinks only he is wise and the rest of India is foolish.

It is a clash of two philosophies. The BJP induces fear and incites anger among the people. Their ideology is ‘daro aur darao’. But the Congress’s philosophy is ‘daro mat’ (Be fearless)’.

Modi ji speaks of black money. I ask him where is the black money? How much did you bring back from foreign bank accounts.

Modi ji speaks of black money. I ask him where is the black money? How much did you bring back from foreign bank accounts?

Talking about surgical strikes, let me tell you something – they said after surgical strike, India’s army is like the Israeli Army. Does that mean they were lesser than the Israeli Army before that? On the other hand, we say that India’s Army was, is, and forever will be better than the Israeli Army.

The Congress stands with the people of India and tells them ‘daro mat’. Our philosophy is to eliminate fear completely.

The poor man’s money will go into the pockets of these people –Gareebo ka paisa kheencho, Ameero ko seecho.

Think about it, your entire future is in Modi ji’s hands alone.

We are a wise country and we sent the British back, we won’t be fooled by you. You tell me can one man run a country alone?

Wherever he goes, whichever state it may be, Narendra Modi ji instills fear in the minds of people. Farmers fear that their land will be snatched from them. If there is any natural calamity then also the government won’t give any compensation to farmers. If any tribal man stands and says that it is my land, forest or home, he is shot dead.

While the honest people stood in line, the corrupt sat at home.

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